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COVID-19: For many businesses things may appear bleak in this worrying and ever changing environment. The Government has introduced emergency measures to support businesses affected by the Coronavirus pandemic – we recommend exploring these options before making any big decisions. We are helping as many businesses as we can. If your business was under pressure prior to COVID-19, by exploring the rescue and recovery options available, you may be better placed for the return to normality. As part of our commitment to help businesses adapt to this challenging situation we have launched BusinessSupport.co.uk to help you plan the best way forwards.

Insolvency.co.uk are owned and run by F A Simms & Partners who are licensed Insolvency Practitioners & Business Rescue firm. We strongly believe that our aim as a business is to help sole traders, individuals and limited companies overcome the struggle of insolvency. With either a rescue process or formal liquidation, we are here to help not hinder a situation.

We offer free initial consultations where we discuss all the options available and then we allow you to make an informed decision going forward that is best for you.

Warning Signs​

Insolvency warning signs can be seen in multiple aspects of a business but there are two clear tests to use to determine if further help and advice is required.

Dealing with
Angry Creditors​

There are various actions Creditors may take – including threats of legal action, placing a stop on supplies or bailiff action being taken.


Business can face an array of finance issues, from constant reliance to a company overdraft through to non-compliance with VAT/PAYE


A lack of focus or lack of a short/medium term business strategy can cause strain on a company’s finances.


Learn more about actions Directors should or shouldn’t take in regards to insolvency.

Warning Signs

A large payout from an employee tribunal or reliance on a key customer are some warning signs of insolvency.

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